Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Music 104: Camera Obscura

For those lazy summer days, sometimes you just want to flop on your bed and listen to something mellow that's fun to hum to. Here's a couple of girls with soft, amazing voices.

Sherree Chamberlain

The Sherree Chamberlain band was founded in Oklahoma, perhaps the reason why they're still unsigned and pretty unknown today. They sing folk and acoustic songs with really beautiful lyrics and melodies. To my own tremendous joy, they recently came out with an album called The Wasp In the Room and is available on iTunes. The band describes themselves as sounding like "waking up in a creeky hammock in the early morning in your backyard to little baby sparrows singing ever so eager to their momma for their breakfast of worms as your tummy rumbles ever so eagerly as well for maybe some puffed kashi cereal and soy milk along with a tasty grapefruit provided for you by your loving smiling mother who kisses you good morning on your dew dropped dimpled cheek." Adorable, right?

The songs that will sure-fire make you fall in love with this band are "Bird Song", "Morning Song", and "Windmill Wings".

For a bit of a treat, though, here's an unreleased song of theirs, "Not Your Fault".


Camera Obscura

This band sounds a lot like Zooey Deschanel, or is it the other way around? Anyway, Camera Obscura has really upbeat sounding music, yet still mellow, while the lyrics can be sad. They're so melancholy and sweet through the usage of violins and tamberines, and they are huge fans of the 70's based off of their numerous music videos findable on YouTube. Their most popular song is "French Navy":

...but you should also check out "Honey in the Sun". It's all delicious ear candy, let me tell you.



While Camera Obscura is so upbeat, Devics is the opposite. [Downbeat? (:] These songs feel so deep you ache with the sadness that she must be feeling, like "Salty Seas", one of my favorite songs of theirs. They can have a bit of a lounge/folk feel with a unique bit of instrumentals. I think they're genius, but what do I know. One of their greatest, "Red Morning":

Other Devics' must listens: "Blue Miss Sunday", "Afraid of Loving You", and "Blood Red Orange".


  1. It's lovely to meet you all and to listen to this music. Such a treat, but I find thirty minutes have passed and I have not written a word. Thanks.

  2. I find their stuff amazing.