Sunday, July 4, 2010

Good News 102: U.S. Independence Day

To all fellow Americans reading this, Happy 4th of July! But for anyone else reading this, I hope this gives you an insightful glimpse into the American culture.

Today marks the historic event in which the colonies of the New World officially separated from the British Empire a few centuries ago. This day holds particularly good news this year because despite any continued downturn in the economy, Americans still wish to enjoy themselves. And how do we celebrate? Why, blowing things up and stuffing ourselves silly with food off the grill, of course! There's nothing that says 'America' quite like Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest.

If seeing people shovel hot dog bun after hot dog bun into their mouths does not appeal to you, surely one of the many other activities taking place across the U.S. will.

For instance, all of the fireworks set to eloquently erupt amidst the early evening and night sky tonight. Depending on where you live or the type of venue you're in, the fantastic sight and booming sounds might be accompanied by a live orchestra. Even so, the dazzling displays are quite beautiful.

Still not your cup of tea? Then why not attend a nice picnic with your family and community? This is especially good for youngsters since usually there are plenty of fun, suitable things to do like taking a pony ride or getting their face painted. Not to mention plenty of good 'ol American cuisine: hamburgers, chips, and Coca-Cola.

Then there are the parades where you might spot Uncle Sam and his doppelganger riding a two-seated bike adorned with flags! Enough said.
(Okay, that is truly bizarre...but amusing nonetheless.)

Once again, Happy Independence Day!

Written by Lizzie


  1. Oh us crazy Americans, always blowing stuff up and eating like pigs. (: ...And apparently tandem bicycling Uncle Sams? Interesting stuff indeed, hahaha. Happy Fourth of July!

  2. happy 4th! You never know just what will be at those parades.