Monday, July 5, 2010

Movies 103: Knight and Day

Knight and Day is the long awaited Tom Cruise movie. Naturally, he's hyper more than ever. He may or may not be the good guy. He may or may not have gone rogue with the FBI. Or is he just trying to save the world with the help of a mechanic who restores old cars? Who knew that bumping into Cruise at the airport would change June's (Cameron Diaz) life. Naturally, this is the start of a wild and exhilarating chase which may or may not leave you baffled.

Parts of it, you swear you are in a training session on how to be an assassin with Cruise's techniques. Some of the wild things that happen will, either leave you breathless or just bore you, after a while. Throw in some slight love interest with our goofy, daft and somewhat dingy Diaz, any you just might find a smile on your face. But then again, you have to Tom Cruise's Roy Miller just crazy?

Of course, the plot is complicated. Bad FBI agents. A geeky guy who might have the answers to all the world's problems is caught in the middle. Paul Dano, who gives such a perfect performance. Too bad, he couldn't be in it longer.

This little adventure takes you places all over the globe. Sometimes, drug induced at that. And is Tom Cruise ripped? Um, yeah, there is this one scene we have to wonder if they used special effects. But who knows for sure.

If you want your Tom Cruise fix, this is it. Very much date night quality. Fun and adventure for both of you. Showing in theaters now.

Written by Ivy

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  1. Cool. Sounds fun. Its been ages since I've seen Tom in anything.