Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Fashion 103: The Return of...the Pants?

Bergdorf Goodman believes that pants are undoubtedly the fall trend of the season. Now wait a minute, you may think, pants as a trend? Everybody wears pants! This is nothing new or exciting.

You might think that. Lately though, the world could use some pants. Celebrities like Lady Gaga and Rihanna have made skipping the trouser trendy. With stores like American Apparel pushing the legging and tights sans much else look, and the rise of the "jegging" (leggings that look like jeans), it's time for a change. If pants are going to be considered fashionable for the fall, this is their time to shine!

Let's think about the time in which pants were so popular, a sisterhood of friends decided to pass a magic pair around to each other to wear. One of the best things about pants is the cut and fit. From wide leg to skinny to fitted, it's easy to take a pair of jeans or pants in to be tailored to fit you just right. I do stress fitting right. Nothing's worse than tripping over long flares or not being able to breathe from sucking in your stomach to fit in a smaller size!

Comfort is key. Be sure the fabric and fit allow you to breathe. If you don't like the number on your pants size, snip it off. Nobody ever asks what size your pants are when they compliment you!

Like the sisterhood says, pants equal love.

Embrace the trend again and feel the love.

Written by Heather


  1. As long as they don't try to bring in the high wasted ones!

  2. I loved the pants equal love part. So true about what you said. Who knows, even if Lady GaGa started wearing pants she'd do something crazy to them.

  3. I never got into jeggings so I'm glad pants are back in.