Monday, July 26, 2010

Movies 106: Inception

This might be the most complicated movie of the summer. And even so, it's well worth your money at the box office. First off, you have an international star-studded cast. True, Leonardo DiCaprio does carry the weight of the movie, but it takes a team to build a dream and to manifest a dream with in a dream to steal the idea, the dreamer harbors. All in a deep sleep. This movie makes you think. This movie takes R.E.M. to a whole new level, and with a breath-taking intensity too.

Of course, you need a brain-ac team to do this. DiCaprio heads it. But you need an architect to build the exterior of the dreams once he gets into someone's mind. Ellen Page's Ariande is new to this dream business, but she's a quick learner.

Christopher Nolan, the director of the film, first pitched the idea for this movie eight years ago. Yes, it took that long to get it to theaters. Perhaps he was waiting for Joseph Gordon-Levitt to have the role of Arthur. We watch Gordon-Levitt quite gracefully take us through, well, perhaps that one in the corner overseeing the dreamer. Wait, is he dreaming himself? This is a movie that has you at the edge of your seat. You don't want to miss a moment.

This movie just isn't action packed, but filled with lots of emotions too. Every actor rolls with this movie to make it an unpredictable roller coaster ride.

Like I said, it's a very complicated movie. And if you want something smart to leave you thinking and loaded with amazing scenes of building spilling over each other and racing against time and bad guys of the unconscious, this is definitely the movie to see. As any writer, we push it to the limit to see what the audience will accept, or risk watching in this case. And Nolan definitely delivers.

This movie is a dream with in a dream; twice over, in fact. So many worlds to fall into the mind of one person, and yet those that are invading the dreams have their own projections to face. As in the case of DiCaprio's character, extractor Dom Cobb, it's his guilt in the form of his dead wife Mol (Marion Cotillard). Of course, she's not exactly a villain, but she perceives things differently, and had made it quite ugly in reality for Dom to get back to his kids. Naturally, aren't all good dreams made up of those of being with family?

However, what Dom truly wants is to get back to his kids...after one last heist. This time, the team is invading Cillian Murphy's dreams. He's the son of a wealthy businessman. The question is, will Dom wake up from this dream, and if he does, is it still all just a dream?

As one critic put it, "this is a masterpiece masquerading as a summer blockbuster." This is the movie to see this summer.

10/10 most definitely.


  1. lol i like how you can't really have any spoilers for this movie because it's too complicated to understand any explanation of it. :D
    this movie was also very philosophical over the subject of reality, like how the matrix was. very coooool :D i'll have to see it again in order to determine if there were any holes. so far it seems like there isn't...

  2. I REALLY, REALLY, REALLY WANT TO SEE THIS. LIKE, REALLY BADLY. It's making me so jealous that everyone is talking about how amazing it was, hahaha. And it's even posted on the internet already, but I have to restrain myself and wait to go to see it in theaters. So I hope I can go soon, haha :)

  3. Oh, I just loved Joseph Gordon-Levitt in it.

  4. I could definitely see it again. I thought it was a great film.

  5. This cast were amazing. The story was so cool, too.

  6. i may be the only one on the planet-- and i do love chris nolan-- but i was underwhelmed by this movie. see my most recent post if you're at all interested... hehe..


  7. ok. i think i may be commenting too much now... but i really love what you gals are doing here on this blog.

    anyways, huge thumbs up to inception. definitely on my favorite movie list. jgl was superb in it.