Meet the Authors

Lizzie is the mastermind behind this idea. She's a freshman in college that loves to meet awesome people, write, spend way too much time on the internet and take pictures. Her main blog is The Dreams That Makes Us Real.

Special thanks to Abs, the original creative director.

Natalie is pretty much just another slightly awkward sixteen-year-old internet addict from a small town in the middle of nowhere. She has a dislike for pretzels, uncooperative technology, and making important decisions, as well as a love for hats, books, and cereal. Oh, and a love for blogging, of course! Her main blog is a natalie moment.

Liz is an overachiever whose main goal in life is to escape college with a minimal amount of debt and get on Cash Cab. Currently she is a rising senior in high school, and even though she is a self proclaimed foodie and artist, she likes to dabble in other things, such as speech and debate. In her free time she smiles, sleeps, makes things with her hands, and showers her friends with weird faces. Her main blog is Bookish.Spazz.


Past contributors (check out their personal blogs):