Monday, August 23, 2010

TV 110: 18 to Life

If you remember that great Canadian teen sitcom "Life With Derek" that even Disney thought was good enough for their channel, well..guess who's back? This time on the CW. Its been said Michael Seater really has the magic touch with teen sitcoms.

Michael (Tom Bellow) plays a teen newlywed, married to the girl next door played by Stacey Farber (Jess Bellow). This new "18 to Life" is seriously funny. Can you imagine? Well, this show makes the best of the premise. The young couple live in the Bellow's attic. Of course, they are learning new things about themselves all the time even if they practically grew up together.

The supporting cast, especially the four parents, are played to perfection. The show definitely has a much more grown up comedy vibe to it. And who knew that Stacey Farber as Jess had such comedic timing. She was once Ellie, the goth girl on Degrassi. Jesse Rath plays Tom's best friend on the show. Of course, they are always getting lots of help, sometimes unwanted help, from friends and family. But there definitely is a sweet chemistry between these two that makes the show click. Really, the show almost has a British comedy feel to it. And of course, no one does comedy quite as well as the British. Canada is a close second.

Truly, it's quite Canadian with all it's 18 or 19 drinking age scenarios. Still it gets a few inside jokes as everyone who comes across the newly-weds is "When's the baby due?" Which has been an on going question for Farber on message boards since she is so tiny and if she dresses a certain way..that question gets asked. Unfortunately. Neither she nor her character are pregnant. One more Canadian show showing you what comedy is all about with family situations and growing up. Maybe the parents will grow up too.

18 to Life


  1. I thought this was a really a good show.

  2. Its funny to see him and Stacey together. Such a fun show.

  3. I saw like the first part of this show, and it's awesome. Here in australia the drinking age is 18 too. But this show is really funny,

  4. lol looks pretty hilarious.