Monday, August 2, 2010

TV 107B: Kevin Jumba

Youtube videos are not necessarily considered "TV", but many people connect their computer/laptop to their TV screen, so Youtube videos can be labeled "TV" in some cases.

I love to laugh! Who doesn't like the feeling when your tummy hurts from laughing so much? Or the ache in your cheeks from laughing so much? Kevin Jumba's videos give me all these pleasurable aches. He's quite popular on Youtube, so I won't be surprised if many of y'all have seen his fantastic videos. However, I really hope this is the first time you guys hear of him. He's so darn funny...and cute.

I really hope these videos made you laugh or at least giggle. He has plenty of more videos. Check.Them.Out.


  1. Oh Kev Jumba. How I do adore him and his ever so hilarious dad, hahaha. :D Man, I am so addicted to YouTube. And just the internet in general. But hey, that's fine with me!

  2. Most Exciting Job Ever was hilarious!
    Thanks for sharing this awesome youtuber. :)