Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Fashion 109: Yummy Accessories

Think back to 2006. If you were in middle school, or possibly high school you'll most definitely remember those somewhat horrible kool- aid pouch bags, or those capri sun bags.
Yes those bags. Everyone in my grade had them and I hated them with a passion. I refused to stoop as low as to follow that fashion trend because I knew that in a mere 3 or 4 months they would go out of style. Sure enough, as soon as they started to sell them at Wal* Mart everyone dropped them and pretended that they never begged their parents to buy them one in the first place. While this trend didn't last long, here are some things that are sure to stay in style and grab a few compliments as well!
1. Hand made by the ever so cool blogger Agent Lover, this petite cake headband is the perfect topper to any eccentric outfit. Although it is on the pricey side running a cool $60, they come in multiple colors and are sure to attract attention. Also, the actual band is translucent, so it'll seem like you have this cute little cake perched on top of your head without anything keeping it on! You can check it out here!

2. With this pouch you can somewhat deceive muggers by putting your valuables in this potato chip pouch designed by Fred Flare. It's reasonably priced at $10, and apparently has 0gs of trans fat! You can check it out here!

3. Also designed by Fred Flare this buttered toast wallet is sure to deceive most at first glance. Being a toast enthusiast myself, this wallet is a must have, and for $16 you won't go broke while trying to show off your love for toast! You can check it out here!
4. For all the breakfast lovers out there this ring is on sale at Etsy for $10! Since it is from Etsy it is most likely a one of a kind item so if you want it, be sure to get it quick before someone else snatches it up! You can check it out here!

5. Also from Etsy (Coolbeans717) this pop tart cozy can be used as a wallet, business card holder, or even a little Ipod holder! Hand crafted, and made from felt it's super soft, and only $13.50! You can check it out here!

And, even though this isn't a "yummy" accessory I couldn't help but share this one!Made by the same designer that crafted the pop-tart cozy this cool little gadget pouch can be found here!

Anyways, I hope you enjoyed these few yummy accessories!


  1. I had a Capri Sun little wallet thing back in the day, haha. But it was never a trend at my school, really. Still, I like all of the adorable little food related accessories that you showed way better! I love the PopTart cozy, but I think the Mix Tape one is pretty much amazing too. :D

  2. I remember in elementary school the brand logo lunch boxes. I had the Reese Pieces one.