Monday, August 16, 2010

Movies 109 : Scott Pilgrim vs. the world

What have I been waiting all summer to see? Chances are, you have been waiting for it too. Why..Scott Pilgrim, of course. Or the thought of seeing Michael Cera in an action packed film based on the Scott Pilgrim graphic novel by Bryan Lee O'Malley. Or maybe it was Johnny Simmons you couldn't wait to see. It may have been Brandon Roth that you so wanted as an evil blond. However, it could have been that chick, Mary Elizabeth Winstead who plays Ramona.

So, you've got a story about a slacker, in-between jobs, Scott who is 22 and in a band, dating a 17 year old high schooler, endearing Ellen Wong as Knives Chau but then Ramona Flowers (Mary Elizabeth Winstead) comes along. And Scott has a hard time breaking up with Knives since he knows he shouldn't be dating someone in high school. Lets just say, Scott is a little weak. And as always, an in-betweener of sorts. Old girlfriends, his band, even his roommate and family. But everything changes when he meets Ramona and has to defeat her seven evil exes. Thus is the basis of this movie along with battle of the bands and his roommate's (Keiran Culkan) obsession with guys he can't exactly have and yet he conquers in the most outrageous ways.

The movie has its "A.D.D. generation" atmosphere. The film pays homage to video game culture with references of Zelda and Pac-Man. Edgar Wright co-wrote and directed the movie. This is his third major film. And you know how much we loved Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz. This however, uses new elements that you'd find right in the graphic novel with its special effect. This is definitely a film for those who understand it while and older generation might find the film not nearly as appealing. But hey, this film has an energy all of its own.

Its a quirky world that we might all know... just a little of, from time to time. Either, it be video games, music or part-time jobs. There is a hero and his name is Scott Pilgrim.

As with any relationship comes baggage. Even Scott has his in the form of the pop princess Envy Adams that he once called Natalie played by Brie Larson. Of course, he's history with her cool band and her main squeeze, vegan Todd Ingram (Brandon Roth). And lets not forget the drummer in Scott's band (Alison Pill) as Kim. Her performance was of course, priceless.

Yes, you'll get your kicks in this summer flick, spreading Canadian cheer everywhere even if in the last part, Jason Schwartzman steals the show as Gideon. This movie was packed with so much fun. Off-beat quirky lines, cool character development from every angle and still giving you the graphic novel you can't put down. Yeah, there is only one Scott Pilgrim and that's Michael Cera with a mega-uber cast! Aubrey Plaza, Anna Kendrick, Mae Whitman, Erik Knudsen, Nelson Franklin...just to name a few. And punk wannabe sounds from Beck, Broken Social Scene, Metric, T. Rex, and of course Sex-Bob-Omb.

In theaters now, 10/10


  1. I have to go see this still! Oh Michael Cera, even if you are pretty much typecast, I do so adore thee... :)

  2. I had to go see it. I've loved Michael in everything I've ever seen him in. And seeing Johnny Simmons was a must too.

  3. I so want to see it...Cant wait:)

    Kisses and have a fun day

  4. omg michael cera is totally the bf i always wished i had!! i love him!!


  5. I saw this today (yesterday since it's nearly 2 am) but this is what I thought of it.

    I've read the first and second and I believe third comic book of this, and so I always thought that the movie wouldn't be as good. But I was wrong, it was really good. I didn't mind that they casted Anna Kendrick as Scott's sister (Everyone knows around here I hate Twilight, and if you don't. Well I hate Twilight). But this was a good movie, I was happy that Micheal Cera wasn't a nervous train wreck like he is in most of his other films (Sorry to MC fans, I love him too but I feel as if that's like the only roll he can play).

  6. Gamer love! And Ramona's hair was, of course, epic in every color. :D