Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Music 123: Judging An Album By It's Cover

Okay, so the thought came to me the other day about how album covers do convince people whether to buy the album or not sometimes. Given, it's usually over if the cover is appropriate or not. I thought it might be cool to show some cool looking album covers. First, are the cool looking album covers. These ones are ones that would be great to have in the form of a vinyl record. These are the covers that are frame worthy and creative. These are the ones that look awesome blown up and maybe even ones you could constantly stare at. 
This cover is just so cute and fun to look at! Don't deny that you're not admiring it right now. (Everything In Transit from Jack's Mannequin).
The bright color of this album just draw you in. (LP from Discovery)
This cover has a true sincere look to it. (The Summer EP from Never Shout Never).
This album was made to look like a cover for a record. It has a very clever look to it.  (Brothers from The Black Keys). 
This cover looks home made and the colors just go together and it brings you back to a better time. (Volume Two from She & Him).
Not only does it look like Up without the house with it, but the colors pop and you can see texture of a painting. (Tentacles from Crystal Antlers).

Soon you'll get a look at some album covers that weren't so good. Any thoughts on this? Any albums you think should've been on here?


  1. Love that cover from The Black Keys!

  2. Oh how I love She & Him, they always have the cutest album covers.

  3. I like She & Him. Bright Eyes has has some interesting artwork over the years.

  4. I definitely like all those album covers! The She & Him one is so cute.