Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Music 122: MSTRKRFT (Remixes)

*Before starting this profile on MSTRKRFT you should know that it's pronounced Master-Craft.

So MSTRKRFT might be known for two things: their original music or their remixes. Personally I like their remixes more. The thing about their remixes are that they are better than the originals. Yes, remixes can be better than original music if you find the right song and the right remix. I'm serious. On occasion, I will find a really good remix. I'm not talking about club songs for the Black Eyed Peas or anything, I'm talking about remixes of Justice, Wolfmother, and Metric. MSTRKRFT even remixed a Katy Perry song and made it more enjoyable. So today instead of giving background on MSTRKRFT I'll show you their remixes, an art that they have definitely perfected.

1) D.A.N.C.E. - Justice (remixed by MSTRKRFT)

2) Monster Hospital- Metric (remixed by MSTRKRFT)

3) Woman- Wolfmother (remixed by MSTRKRFT)

If up to it after, check out the originals (if you didn't know them before). Which ones do you think are better?