Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Music 120: Speak Now

I figured since the new Taylor Swift album is pretty big that I'd review it. A friend made me a copy of it so what the heck, I figure if I'm going to review an album it might as well be this one. Anyway, no matter how much Taylor Swift can annoy some people, you gotta give her credit for selling an album. So here I am, reviewing a Taylor Swift album so you don't have to. Think of it as a favor. So here's a track by track review. Hopefully be the time this is posted the hype will have died down (hopefully).

Track One: Mine- The first single off this album and probably the one you've heard the most about. A Swift version of a picture perfect relationship. I know I'm only on the first track but it's already probably one of the best songs and the one you will end up getting. The worst song is probably the fact that this is her third song that mentions something happening at 2 AM. 5/5.

Track Two: Sparks Fly- While Taylor Swift's Fearless strayed away from country and went more pop you can see this one is more country. Again, nothing new. It isn't bad but isn't amazing. The chorus is sort of catchy but all of her choruses are. 3/5.

Track Three: Back to December- A song supposedly about Taylor Lautner and yet another single. I think I'm seeing a pattern now. Long song with repetitive lyrics, not a huge fan. The further I get into it I realize yes, Taylor Swift is brutally honest and will write a song about anything and everything. I don't know if I despise that about her or admire it. You tell me, it's still a 3/5.

Track Four: Speak Now- My favorite track. The second single of the album and I'm starting to think the singles might be the only good things on Speak Now. The song seems nauseatingly like every other song Swift sings but with a little more attitude. Still as a good beat, I guarantee this song will tire fast though but for now: 5/5.

Track Five: Dear John- I'm really hoping this song isn't about John Mayer like everyone else says it is because that would just be a little weird. Slow song, long song. Those two seem to always go together. People with short attention spans will hate it, I'm sort of hating it too. It's a song that is almost 7 minutes and not worth the time. 2/5.

Track Six: Mean- The song with the title that disgusts me. I'm sure there could've been a better use of words in this songs. It's sort of catchy but sounds like it was written by a six year old. To me shows immaturity in Swift. There's really not much to say about this song. 2/5.

Track Seven: The Story of Us- I hear this song and all I can think of is no! The intro is not great, you think it's a pop song then goes back to country. I'm only halfway through the album and disappointed. This is a mess of many things. Again, not worth much time. 2/5.

Track Eight: Never Grow Up- This has a sweet sincerity to it and feels a lot more like Taylor Swift. Speaks the truth but might not be a song all people will appreciate. I'd still give it a listen, it's a better version of The Best Day (from album Fearless). 4/5.

Track Nine: Enchanted- Good beginning, you know a song is going to be good when you're hooked by the first beat. A better track, but the chorus breaks the song a little. This song would make a better acoustic. Still a 3.5/5.

Track Ten: Better Than Revenge- Evil Taylor, the very first thing you hear is sending someone to the corner. Not a great song but the very beginning is something you want to hear. When Swift belts that she does nothing better than revenge you can tell it's true. This is a new side of her that hasn't been shown in songs before. 2.5/5.

Track Eleven: Innocent- A song about Kanye West and all I can say is that this is a little much. This has been blown into huge proportions and not worth the time. Chorus is good though and it'll get the die hard fans to calm down. 2/5.

Track Twelve: Haunted- Sounds a little silly. there's not much to say about this song except for the fact it's a little too dramatic. This far into the album and it's one to skip. 1/5.

Track Thirteen: Last Kiss- Almost done with the album and a little fed up with Taylor Swift  now. A six minute song (this album is way too long for fourteen songs). This song doesn't catch my attention yet and I'm two minutes into it. Better to skip or at least for now. 2/5.

Track Fourteen: Long Live- Okay, for the last song it already sounds like it might be better. Sounds like a good way to end this album. 3/5.

Overall: If I'm being honest this album doesn't stand out. To me all her songs can be lumped together as one big love song, the songs that aren't about love aren't even the good ones. Taylor Swift doesn't have a huge diversity when it comes to her music. The again, this album is new and fresh and you might even get sucked into a song or two on here. My best advice is to stay away, her music is addicting if you're not careful. The last thing I want is for the awesome readers of this blog to get into 'this'. It's not at all bad or anything, just something you don't really need in your library. My use of Taylor  Swift on my Ipod is really for the little girls I babysit so yeah, that's a good use for this album. The best bet for all of you though is to get a couple songs maybe if you're into this kind of thing. I know I am sort of no matter how much I detest it, I just can't help myself.

P.S. This is the album at first listening. This could or could not be a grower album. I will report on that in the next few weeks.

Overall Grade: C

Standout Tracks: Mine, Speak Now, Never Grow Up, Enchanted.

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  1. I'm not a huge T-Swift fan, but I'll probably check out those stand out tracks that you mentioned! Thanks for the great review. :)

  2. Yeah...Taylor's songs are usually nice at first, but after hearing the same one on the radio 2,3097,523 times, it gets really old! I've come to find her voice flat-out annoying. :sigh: