Monday, August 1, 2011

TV 157: MTV's Awkward and Teenwolf

MTV has gotten a bad rap lately with its ill-fated SKINS, but it hasn't stopped their creativity from going forward. There is now AWKWARD starring One Tree Hill's Ashley Rickards. Her character is an unpopular 15 year old, Jenna Hamilton, who gains immediate, yet unwanted, popularity at her high school when the student body mistakes an accident she has for a suicide attempt.

Matty might be smarter than he looks.

"He is so what in whatever"-tamera

If that's not enough, the guy she hooked up with during camp is popular high schooler Matty (Beau Mirchoff) who tells her one can know about their relationship. Jillian Rose Reed as Tamera is Jenna's bestie who throws around all sorts of fun lines. The show is full of quirky characters. It isn't completely over the top. There are certainly some cool moments. Of course, the mean girls would have to be the cheerleaders.


Yes, this is Tyler Posey's best move yet..becoming a teenwolf. His Scott McCall is one nervous kid who adds suspense to the show. He can also pull off his shirt and make the coolest werewolf ever. Of course, he has some help from his sidekick Stiles (Dylan O'Brien). One of the best bromances this summer. This TEENWOLF is definitely darker that the movies from the 80's. Still it shows how hard high school life can be when you've got a problem with the full moon. Also the show is definitely showcasing some great talent that is more than just eye-candy with Crystal Reed as Scott's on and off again girlfriend. There is also Colton Haynes as Jackson who might be a lot colder than anyone really knows. This show has a lot to offer, and I'm hopeful that MTV will stick with it. The soundtrack is pretty awesome, too.

You can find these shows at MTV. You can catch up on episodes of Awkward and Teenwolf. Just click on the links.


  1. she's too pretty to feel any pity for.

  2. I do love Awkward. She plays the part well. So does the guy who plays Matty. And Teen Wolf as been my summer TV addiction.

  3. I abhor anything MTV, but you a pretty good job advertising these shows.

  4. These are 2 of my favorite shows this summer.

  5. I've considered watching teen wolf...I may have to try it!

  6. Teenwolf- love the soundtrack. The story is suspenseful too. I'm crazy about the whole cast.

    Awkward-each episode gets better.