Monday, August 8, 2011

TV 158: NBC's Love in the Wild

Couple most likely to win. Samantha and Mike. They get along so well together.

Honestly, I'm not much for reality TV. I don't really want to make stars out of everyday people either, but Love in the Wild has been sort of a game changer for me on Wednesday nights this summer. The show is down to the final three couples now.

Steele is possibly the hunk but he's curse, coming in last. He finally went home.

It's like doing coupling research. It makes you think of your own relationship. Could you survive this sort of bootcamp? First you have these people who truly want to make a love connection. They think they've found someone of similar interest in the contestants, and then, they are put out in the jungle with certain challenges to get through. The winner gets the Oasis suit while the others have to go back to the cabins. We get to see two sides of them. One, where they are getting to know each other, spending the night with each other (seriously, we have no idea just what sort of connection they have going at night). Second, there they are having to be team players as couples, using real life strategies to get through the obstacles of the day. Many have said on the show that couples should go through this boot camps. One contestant said he couldn't believe how easily they became couples, too. Its fun to see how some support each other on these adventures, while others show their true colors. Some get along beautifully back at the cabins. They really talk to each other. Then they can be so explosive on some of their challenges.

Miles & Erica. Some just play well with others.
Ben was the biggest jerk of all. He made Brandee miserable (in the pink) and she wanted to be everyone's friend.

Then comes elimination time. If you are at the bottom, time to go home. Oddly, last week, two couples went home. One that couldn't stand each other anymore while the other possibly wanted to see if they could stay friends after they left.


Love in the wild tumblr

All are looking for the love connection.

It's been fun to watch these couples. Darren McMullen is the host. The back drop is beautiful Costa Rica. The show started where the women chose their partners for the game. But winners can switch it up. Even the host switched it up, during one challenge when the couples were set to start.


  1. I liked this show so much more than I thought I would.

  2. I liked getting to know them. Ben was really mean to Brandee. Steele, he's not as smart as I thought he'd be.