Monday, August 22, 2011

TV 160 : ABC Family's Lying Game

A great way to end summer with a new show!

ABC Family was so successful with PRETTY LITTLE LIARS that they decided to bring another Sara Shepard story to the small screen. But will it work? PLL keeps us guessing with plenty of eye-candy to go around and  parents who were once hot on TV a decade or so ago. Also, fashionista characters who hopefully figure out the mystery, which of course, keeps us coming back for more.

Does Emma have the drama for this?

This go around we have soap veteran actress from AS THE WORLD TURNS, Alexandra Chanda who gives off a bit of Nina Dobrey vibe from Vampire Diaries. Still Chanda has that doe in the headlights look, and she's not only one character, but two. Emma a good hearted foster kid on the run from her own problems and Sutton the poor little rich girl..Twins separated at birth.

We get to see how Emma (who doesn't even know her rich twin) act like she's Sutton, while Sutton goes off on a quick trip to L.A. to find their real parents. So the suspense rises as Emma plays along. Sutton's parents find a much nicer daughter. She really embraces the family. Her fake boyfriend too, who she finds is definitely faking it. Sutton is also a tennis champion, as well. Emma finds her self up to the mental and physical challenge.

Blair Redford finally gets a main role. He's been seen on Switched at Birth and 90210.

This time around wonderful Helen Slater plays the adoptive Mom. Blair Redford is to the rescue as Sutton's real boyfriend, Ethan Whithorse. General Hospital's Tyler Christopher plays Ethan's uncle who is the law around.

Madeline Rybak & Charlotte Chamberlin star in this series as Sutton's besties.

Its hard to say yet if the girlfriend pack will be as genuine as on Pretty Little Liars, but it has a mystery to unfold. Sutton's not back and Emma is stuck in her role. Its off to a good start.

STORYLINE: The show follows Emma (Chando), a kind-hearted foster kid who cant catch a break. She finds out she has an identical twin sister...

the lying game


  1. I love PPL. I hope it'll be just as fun.

  2. I watched last night's episode. This Sutton must have been something.

  3. It is looking interesting. I like Blair Redford.

  4. Nah, no thanks. I still have to watch Dexter.