Monday, July 25, 2011

TV 156: Degrassi

Degrassi has found its way back to Teen Nick. Its on Monday through Thursday these days. It will have a 7 week run (29 episodes) to fulfill fans with its NOW OR NEVER summer.

The show is heating up with gang related storylines. Its also going places its never gone before. Of course, this teen show has a lot of stories to cover. This season, there will be a student and teacher relationship evolving, as well as lesbian stories to add to the mix. There is a teen mom and dad storyline. Another about being on antidepressants. Even a story about hooking up with the last person one would ever think about hooking up with. I guess you could say Degrassi has a story for everyone.

This show has some of the best bromances going on!

The show is getting more grit. Almost a flavor of SKINS, but not quite. One of the major stories is (Alicia Josipovic) Bianca and Drew(Luke Bilyk). The show opened with a concert. The funny thing is, what gangsta would show up at a Keke Palmer concert? Unfortunately, things go bad, Drew is suddenly thrown into B's old world of gangs. And it takes a lot out of the teenager. It even puts a damper on their sex life. So the writers give a lot to ponder, yet they let you use your imagination too.

Munro and Justin were on the Latest Buzz together.

This season Justin Kelly is a new player on the show. He shows up as the new guy, Jake Martin who is an old friend of (Alisnn Paul) Clare's. Of course, Clare is barely over Eli (Munro Chambers) who hardly notices Clare is even there. Eli is heavily medicated since his stalkerish attempt to win Clare over, last season. But Eli gets to meet someone new too. Her name is Imogene (Christine Prosperi) who is a bit of a quirky drama queen. Also Chloe Rose is Kaitlin who is transgender (Jordan Todosey) Adam's love interest.

Imogene quirky, nerdy and just what Eli needs

There is a lot to happen this season. Old favorites are back as well, for the most part. But some will be graduating soon. So if you've been needing a Degrassi fix... now is the time to get addicted to the show.




  1. great canadian tv show, or the greatest canadian tv show?

  2. I liked how it ended Friday with Drew. Gotta say It was a surprise. Lots of little surprises this season.

  3. I'm looking forward to watching tonight.

  4. The show is addictive. After last night, Imogen seems pretty psycho!