Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Music 131: Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros

I contemplated doing a review on them long ago but thought they might not be something a lot of people would like but as more and more people start to listen to them I realize this review is long overdue. If I started with anything in this review, it's that this band can't be tamed by the music industry. They are what they are and you can't change that.

Ed Sharpe (a common nickname for the band) consists of eleven musicians who are all very interesting characters. Every time I see a video of them performing it's far from glamorous. They are all dressed in what I would describe as bohemian or hippie outfits but you can decided yourself. Their music is described as a sweet mellow southern California desert soundtrack with some sunny side up tunes on the side but really...they remind me of something my grandparents would listen to. A classic timeless band that is sure to rock our Ipods for years to come. I can't guarantee you'll all like them but you might, so I'll take the risk and post this up in hopes of doing justice to them.

Now before I start recommending songs may I say this band has so many awesome pictures to look through it was hard to pick one for this review but I think the one above is pretty cool right?

So here are some of their best songs, and may I also say they have some really awesome music videos too?:

1) Home

2) 40 Day Dream

3) Janglin

Hopefully you all have enjoyed this marvelous band. Any thoughts?


  1. Wait... this makes so much sense now! I'd see people write something about Ed Sharpe but always thought it was some actor or something... I am now enlightened! And I really like their sound. :D

  2. HOME..will always be my favorite.

  3. oh i love them! i just put some songs of theirs on my ipod a few days ago : ) (home included!)