Monday, June 21, 2010

TV 101: Lie to Me

Since most of us have started our summer vacation, we can indulge more in weekday night TV-watching. So what exactly is there to see on Monday nights? Lie to Me.

Lie to Me is a drama series with humor, suspense, and science at the core of the show. Dr. Cal Lightman is the leader of the Lightman Group, a team of deception experts, and they assist the FBI, corporations, military, private individuals, etc. who have hit obstacles in their quest for the truth.

The main characters:

Dr. Cal Lightman is a human polygraph. He can tell from one's facial expressions, voice, and/or body movements if one is lying. However, Lightman's talent is both a gift and a curse. His deception skills present him with the misfortune of always knowing if someone is lying to him, which result in awkward situations with his teenage daughter. For example, in an episode, Lightman discovers birth control pills in his daughter's drawer. So, rebellious teens beware! You wouldn't want him as a father. He'd know if you were going to a concert two states away and not the all-girl sleepover at Susan's. Furthermore, Cal Lightman is diehard. He knows he's the best deception expert in the country and so his huge ego results in confrontations with his team members. Yes, he needs a slice of humble pie.

Dr. Gillian Foster is a renowned psychologist and Lightman's right hand man...woman. Together they are like yin and yang. Unlike Lightman, she is compassionate and willing to look at the big picture before coming to a conclusion. She adds balance to the partnership and friendship. If you ask me, there's a romance brewing between the two, but we'll just have to continue watching the show.

Eli Loker is a hot nerd! Seriously, he is and his character is an MIT graduate. Not only is he handsome, but he is also Cal Lightman's lead researcher. Loker is opposed to the human flaw to lie, so he is always honest no matter how embarrassing or "crossing the line" his comments may be. Yes, he's the main contributor to the humor in the show.

Ria Torres is the newest member to the Lightman Team. She's Cal Lightman's protégé. Contrary to Lightman's years of study to learn human deception, Ria was born with the natural talent to detect lies. Consequently, Lightman and Ria butt heads frequently since he sometimes refuses to believe her ability is as accurate and credible as his.

The cast is awesome and so is each episode's story line. Lie to Me is on every Monday (TODAY) at 8/7c on FOX. Currently, the show is on season 3, but interested viewers need not worry! The drama series is not chronological, so you can begin watching at any episode. However, if you are too excited to wait till 8/7c for tonight's new episode and want to get a feel for the show, Hulu has all the episodes up to last week's.


  1. I still haven't found time to watch this yet. Thanks for the low-down on it.

  2. Good to know that you don't exactly need to watch all of the other episodes chronologically in order to enjoy an episode of this! That was what was preventing me from watching it. So I'll definitely check it out on Hulu and maybe tonight :D

  3. all i have to say is that after watching the past few episodes of this on hulu, lightman is one sexy man. not at first, but he definitely grows on you.