Tuesday, June 15, 2010

An introduction.

Welcome to mix tape!

This is a collab blog that will cover various aspects of pop culture -- music, fashion, books, poetry, good news, art, food, movies, and tv -- throughout the week. The order or schedule of when such aspects will be covered shall remain a mystery for now, but once the ball gets rolling, we'll do our best to not make it a secret.

Meet the contributors!

Lizzie is the mastermind behind this idea. She's a rising junior in high school that loves to write, draw and take pictures. Her main blog is The Dreams That Makes Us Real, but for Mix Tape she will be contributing good news and art.

Abs is the creative director, helping bring about Lizzie's vision! She enjoys drawing and photography, scratching itches, wood smoke, and English accents. Her main blog is Fact Not Fiction, and for Mix Tape she will be proffering her thoughts on art and movies.

Scarlett is a rising senior in high school. Her favorite things to do include going to thrift stores, reading, hanging out with her handful of close friends, and discovering new places to eat in the city. Her main blog is A Nice Kind of Mean, and for Mix Tape will write about books, poetry and tv.

Ivy is a lover of dialogue living in the mid-west of USA, better known as the Heartland. She's lived off soaps and must-see TV, inspiring her to write fiction and fan fiction. But if she's not watching TV, she's writing, and if she's not writing, she's playing around with her Maine Coon Butcher. Her main blog is Ivy's Closet, but for Mix Tape will be enlightening us about TV and movies.

Natalie is pretty much just another slightly awkward sixteen-year-old internet addict from a small town in the middle of nowhere. She has a dislike for pretzels, uncooperative technology, and making important decisions, as well as a love for hats, books, and cereal. Oh, and a love for blogging, of course! Her main blog is a natalie moment, but for Mix Tape she will be discussing books and poetry.

Em is in high school and living in Southern California. You can usually find her with her friends or at the local theater. Give her a red velvet cupcake or talk about movies around her and she'll be your best friend. She's a Star Wars nerd with a great memory for useless pop culture facts. Her main blog is The Way I See It, and for Mix Tape she will be contributing to food and movies.

Liz is an overachiever whose main goal in life is to escape college with a minimal amount of debt and get on Cash Cab. Currently she is a junior in high school, and even though she is a self proclaimed foodie and artist, she likes to dabble in other things, such as speech and debate. In her free time she smiles, sleeps, makes things with her hands, and showers her friends with weird faces. Her main blog is Bookish.Spazz, and for Mix Tape she will set forth her ideas about food.

Strawberry is a super-awesome writer and does not like people. But don't let that scare you! She loves the chocolate pineapple upside-down cake with the raspberry-and-caramel sauce stuff at Bahama Breeze, and finds it very important for you to know that because it is awesome. Her main blog is Plastic, and for Mix Tape she will be gracing you with the latest news.

Heather is a recent college graduate living in Southern California. Her loves include traveling,
writing, reading, and being with friends. Her hero is Jessica Darling from the Megan McCafferty book series. A writer at her main blog The Dream Machine, she writes about everything under the sun, but in particular loves to write about fashion and for Mix Tape, she'll be fulfilling that love.