Monday, June 21, 2010

Movies 101: Jonah Hex

Josh Brolin is back to heat up the summer with just a little Grindhouse tradition. Needless to say, I couldn't think of anyone else being DC Comics' Jonah Hex but him.

Throw in some Clint Eastwood-like moments (can you say 'spaghetti western direction?'), weapons, explosions, and Megan Fox, and you've got a guy movie. Jonah Hex merges the old with the new, combining a graphic novel with some seasoned veteran actors to create mayhem.
Quentin Turnbill (John Malkovich) is our awesome, ugly villain in this tale. Turnbull is so bitter from the aftermath of the Civil War that he becomes not just an outlaw but an outright terrorist. He creates our anti-hero Hex (Brolin), who somehow has a knack for talking to dead people thanks to some Native Americans.

There is a good balance of special effects and the ruggedness of The Wild West. However, the story mainly takes place in the southern and eastern United States. The movie leaves Lilah (Megan Fox) with so little as nothing but a corset, her sweat and thigh high black socks to give her more than a tad of sass in this PG-13 flick, and she recites one liners like a modern day Mae West. I'm sure we won't really appreciate Fox until she's immersed herself in more outrageous adventure movies like these.

It's a fun movie, yet it's on the verge of being rated R. Lots of shoot-'em up scenes. Axes and knives coming out of nowhere. Dead people coming alive and then turning rapidly back to bones. I'm sure your tolerance depends on your gore factor, though. If you're with some of your best friends for a night out, it's a flick you can find a lot to smile about, and you'll share a laugh or two at the alternate history.

But it's probably not suitable for a date night. I mean, Megan Fox doesn't leave that much to the imagination.

In theaters now.
Rating: 4/5

Written by Ivy


  1. It does seem like a movie my Dad would love.

  2. Yeah, I'm not really too much of a Megan Fox fan... but I guess I can see why all of the guys are, haha :P