Tuesday, February 1, 2011

TV 133: My Life as Liz

It's back!

Season two of MTV's My Life as Liz finds its protagonist, Liz Lee, suddenly existing as a little fish in an extra-large pond. Liz has made the jump from the familiar confines of Burleson High in Texas to Pratt Institute, a world-renowned art school in the center of trendy Brooklyn, NY. Faced with the challenges of a new and unfamiliar city, Liz struggles to set up the life she always dreamed of having in the Big Apple. But instead of battling her former arch-nemesis, Cori Cooper, Liz must overcome pretentious art students, questionable living situations, and a crappy day job.

Thankfully, she can still rely on her 'nerd herd' back in Texas for support. Her best friends Sully, Troy, and Miles are still as dedicated to Liz as ever, which leads to some trouble now and then, as their attempts to help her are sometimes misguided. Liz's romantic interest, Bryson, is now in Austin, Texas, and their status finally takes a huge step forward when Bryson shows up unexpectedly in New York. But as it often happens with Liz, things don't end up going quite as she would expect.

Bryson Gilreath, Lisa Lee, & Colin Sullivan

In the end, season two is all about new beginnings, as Liz redefines her existing relationships and continues to make new ones -- with New York, with Marc, her quirky new roommate, and most importantly, with Louis, a charming musician who becomes a great friend and possibly (when things get rocky with Bryson), something even more.

These transitions may not all be seamless, but that's life...when you're Liz.

Starts Feb. 8th on MTV.


    thanks for letting me know. i love this show : )

  2. I looooooove this show! I am so so so excited there's a second season. :D YAY!

  3. I'm excited about the show. Can't hardly wait.