Monday, February 7, 2011

Movies 134: The Roommate

If you're a fan of fashion, a Leighton Meester or Minka Kelly fan...well, you are going to find something to love about this movie. If you can't wait to hear Alyson Michalka say, "Because we're hot." (as only she can say it) and steal every scene possible, this is your movie. If you are in for suspense and a lot of it - about a crazy roommate...well, then, here you go.

Now it is awful hard to make a horror PG-13 film. I will admit I found this movie much better than lets say..The Haunting of Molly Hartley (which made no sense to me) or even being jilted by The Uninvited.

Also, it will be slow for some. But you have to have character development. You have Sarah from Des Moines who moves in with Rebbecca, just twenty minutes from home, in the dorm. We soon find out from their suite-mates (Michalka and Katerina Graham) that Rebecca does not like to be called Becky. Maybe she would have preferred Bex. Anyway, Rebecca is as artist and a clothes horse. So many good things that Sarah comes to love since she wants to be a fashion designer.

Sarah has her ex (Matt Lanter) to put up with by phone. But then at a frat party she meets adorable -- maybe too adorable -- Stephen (Cam Gigandet). Is it possible she keeps falling for the same guy? Well, it wasn't brought up. And I have time to think about this. Yes, it could have picked up the pace a little. But things start going weird when Tracey (Michalka) gets an evil look from Rebecca, just waiting for her one early morning in the hallway. Soon enough Tracey gets scared and moves to another dorm. Of course, Sarah is thinking Rebecca is the best friend ever. She's rich. She takes her to art galleries. And then Sarah brings home a stray kitten. You know, things are gonna go bad if that kitten goes missing. Rebbecca wants to be Sarah's only friend. And it works until Rebecca gets the same tattoo that Sara has.

Well, Sarah smartens up. Moves out. You're thinking..oh well...

Meester definitely shows her sinister side. Honestly, Leighton is definitely a versatile actress. If you are fan of hers, you have to see this film. You've got a lovely cast, great soundtrack. Some fun moments with Michalka, doing her party animal thing. And its amazing how much Leighton and Minka look alike. It was like a CW reunion with Nina Dobrev from Vampire Diaries and Danneel Harris from One Tree Hill.

Honestly, I was hoping for a few more, interesting things to happen that didn't. But the movie does have its suspense. Meester definitely gives a whole new definition to MEAN GIRL. I'm sure it will do well in DVD release. A great movie for those sleepovers.

Storyline: College student Sara finds her safety jeopardized after she's assigned to a dorm room with a new roommate, Rebecca.

Trivia: The film is titled "The Roommate", which is based on the book "The Roommate" by Francine Pascal as part of the "Sweet Valley University" book series. Funny though, the film is thought as a remake of 1992 film "Single White Female" which was based on John Lutz' book which also inspired Pascal to write "The Roommate".

Rating: 7/10


  1. Those two actresses should play sisters parted at birth. Interesting review. I liked the trivia, too.

  2. That's cool. I might go see this out of just wanting to see a fun teen horror with some friends like the good ol' days. Thanks for the review!

  3. It's interesting to see Leighton Meester doing something outside of Gossip Girl!

  4. They could be sisters parted at birth!