Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Music 134: Local Natives

Some might call this band indie rock mixed with just about any beat or idea but I think Local Natives are just plain special. Local Natives (formally known as Cavil at Rest) was formed in 2008 in Orange County. The band consists of class mates (and then some others) who moved up to Silver Lake, California to make an album.

Local Natives released their debut album (Gorilla Manor) in February of 2010 (November 2009 in the UK). Gorilla Manor is named after the house the band stayed in while recording the album. Not only did the house inspire the name of the album but in a way probably the themes. Local Native's Gorilla Manor is full of songs that will capture your heart whether it's a calming song or one where the lead singer shouts his lyrics with passion. They must be doing something right though because they have caught the attention of many celebrities, landing on some of the stars of Glee's personal playlists.

Local Natives is:
Taylor Rice
Kelcey Ayer
Ryan Hahn
Andy Hamm
Matt Frazier

Their Music:

1) Wide Eyes

2) Airplanes

3) Sun Hands

I have to say they caught my attention with their songs Airplanes when I stumbled across it on music website Pandora. Ever since then I have been jamming along to their songs. So listen up and fall in love with Local Natives. They are sure to catch fire soon!


  1. I heard airplanes on MY pandora the other day!!! That's SO cool! I fell in love, I don't know about you:)