Monday, September 13, 2010


Once again SKINS from BBC's Channel 4 has been ripped away of their old cast and back to fresh faces. Just the way they like it.

SKINS is a show about teens dealing with the worst of it in their last years of education before they go off to the University, better known as Sixth Form. The show is ground breaking with stories dealing with sexual orientation, mental illness, drugs and of course, alcohol. All in the life of Bristol, England.

Its definitely been the springboard for such young actors as Nicolas Hoult (A Single Man) and Dev Patel (Slumdog Millionare). A place where they can show case their talents like Mitch Hewer who was a newbie to show biz until he became the adorable "Maxie" on Skins.

The show was created by a father and son television writing team,  Bryan Elsley and Jamie Brittain. The show is notable for its casting of amateur actors and young writers. The cast are entirely replaced every two series, when the characters leave sixth form.
Dakota Blue Richards

As of yet, we really don't know that much about the characters. There is only one out of the casting call that has been in film that we know of. Dakota Blue Richards, who was in The Golden Compass a few years ago.
She says she's been asking for years to get a part on Skins. "I've always loved the series and wanted to be in it. Finally this year I'm old enough to play a part!" She thinks  it's crazy to be part of this Skins phenomenon. "We are eight friends on screen as well off screen so we have the same dynamic that you'll see in the series." Dakota says about her cast-mates.

Five of the eight teenagers were discovered at open call auditions in England, where 7,000 aspiring TV stars tried out. All feel its a great opportunity, and still can't believe their luck to be on this teen show. Sean Teale says he got the gig the day before his birthday. He's from London and is ecstatic to be a part of the new Skins cast. All have been a fan of the show and have really enjoyed filming this new season.

It'll be interesting to see what the writers conjure up with these new actors. Usually, they do depend on them to inspire the story. Last season, Cook played by Jack O'Connell was rather the rowdy anti-hero. So who knows where the show may go in the new season. I know I'll be watching. Some how.

Alex Arnold
Freya Mavor
Laya Lewis
Will Merrick
Jessica Sula
Sean Teale
Sebastian De Souza


  1. Looking forward to see this new bunch. Alex looks promising. He reminds me of some other actor. The first cast will always be my favorite.

  2. Wow, I was just getting to this other cast. Oh well..I didn't like Cook.