Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Fashion 112: 10 Things Every Girl Should Have

   There are many things that girls think they need but the reality of it is they don't. But there are some things you girls do need.  

  1.    Concealer - this is a very important tool for girls who have acne. It will cover up your acne and make your face look flawless . (it also is a life saver when you have a surprise problem zit) I suggest Neutrogena oil-free concealer. This makes sure that you can cover up without your skin regretting it later. 
  2.   Cute boots- Boots are a fashion must have. There are so many different kinds to choose from. From moccasin boots to cowboy, all kinds are good accessories to your wardrobe. You can do the Taylor swift, a cute vibrant dress with cowboy,the Miley Cyrus- edgy rocker boots with tights or jeans,or the Zoe Zax- moccasin boots with shorts and a  cute vintage tee. No matter what style you are, boots with always be in style.

     3. Vintage tees-  From band tees to v-necks , this fashion need is hot. It shows how chill your personality is, just at one glance. BONUS: there is no need to get designer stuff because this fashion is very affordable. Also incredibly comfy, so you can look hot with out trying

4.  Jeans-  Now this is a big must have! Jeans are one of the most important part of your wardrobe. Flare jeans with heels give you hidden height which is a major bonus. Skinny jeans show off your legs in a way no other jean can. The sculpt your legs, just make sure that they are the right length because bunchy ankles make you look short and stumpy. Faded and ripped jeans give you a more edgy relaxed look that is also very chill. Boyfriend jeans are a new style that follows a old tradition. The cuffed bottoms make for awesome long legs that every girl wants.

 5. Converse- these shoes are the best. Durable, cute, and amazing! they are perfect for our busy life styles. You can wear them with any outfit and still be the all-star of the room . They come in every color imaginable and in low or high tops. Wearing a cute flirty dress with converse gives you the sweet and sporty look.
6. Skirts- skirts have many important features that you have to consider when your putting an outfit together or buying a new skirt. 
  1.   Make sure your skirt fits the way you want it to by trying it on! 
  2. look at how to skirt accentuates your curves. Some patterns don't do your body type justice
  3. make sure they length isn't TOO short.(especially when they are high waisted skirts)

7. Shorts- these bottoms are a good thing to have for sudden heat waves and summer. Just make sure that they aren't so short your butt is hanging out. That is not attractive.  You want to have some high waist shorts to wear over a cute tank or v-neck with a cute belt and some heeled boots. This makes for an uber cute outfit that shows off your leg's length.

8. Head Bands- This little accessory may seem like its not important but IT IS. It could change the level of an outfit from looking good to DANG I'm hot!. There is also a very large variety. A flower head band gives you more of a sweet look , and a head band that is literally around your forehead gives you more of a nature, hippy look. Sparkly head bands make you stand out when going out!. 
9. Friendship Bracelets- What I love about friendship bracelets is what they do for you. They make your friendship with your friends stronger and they are uber cute!. They go with everything and you don't have to worry about taking them off when you sleep, shower or change outfits. Thee hand made must haves are also really fun to do when you need you pass time.

10. Metallic Nail Polish- Painted Nails make you look more polished and together. It comes in EVERY COLOR! So It can go with every style . Metallic nails are very cool looking and easy to do. Just paint your nails and add a shine coat on top. Now, when you raise your hand in class, it will be show stopping!

These are the must have things that you need in your closet to show off your personal style, Remember to make everything your own and make it hot.


  1. cool list. but I have to go for shorter boots. don't forget tights. very important in my wardrobe.

  2. I totally agree, except I don't have nail polish - I'm a nail nudist.

  3. Definitely a great list! I'm not such a nail painting kind of person myself, but still, some superb ideas indeed.

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