Monday, September 27, 2010

Movies 115: The Town

Last week this movie made number at the box office. There is definitely a good reason why. This movie has what it takes for an Oscar buzz. You've got a gritty story (Chuck Hogan's Prince of Thieves) about the streets of Boston, directed by one of it's natives, Ben Affleck who also stars in the film.

Here we have a story of that vicious cycle passed from father to son who are both bank robbers. But then you have to wonder how they got that way. You soon find out that Affleck who stars as misunderstood Doug MacRay tried to leave this town before through hockey, but didn't quite cut it. Naturally, he's a man with good intentions at one time. Maybe. But he's part of the pack that he was born into. Bank robbers. His brother of sorts, Jeremy Renner is possibly a little trigger happy. He gives a fascinating performance, Boston accent and all, in the movie. Also Gossip Girl's Blake Lively manages a stunning performance as the gritty girl who is possibly more like Doug's real mother, that he never knew. Its a history repeating it's self. Also, there is the unsinkable Rebecca Hall (Claire). The bank manager Doug falls for. She's everything a woman should be. She gardens. She volunteers with kids at the local youth center. She is everything Doug wants for his future. But it doesn't work that way when you've got old timer, Fergie (Pete Postlewaite) calling the shots. If thats not enough wonderful Mad Man's Jon Hamm is FBI agent Adam Frawley, who shakes things up with his investigation.

The movie has some raw and bloody moments. The film is packed with a heat and a language of the Boston streets. Honestly, Affleck shows off the town through rugged car chases and gun battles. These are brilliant bad guys for the most part. Almost, perhaps. Its a unique story with a lot of heart. Hopefully, it will be taken note for the Oscars. Some really talented people in this film.



  1. What a great cast. The story sounds pretty gritty.

  2. Really some amazing performances.

  3. Oh I remember seeing the previews for this! it looked really good!

  4. i love rebecca hall. she's the reason i would watch this for sure. looks great!