Tuesday, December 28, 2010

TV 128 : People's choice best new comedy

Here is the list from the People's Choice Awards that will be on this January 5th on CBS.

$#*! My Dad Says Here we have William Shatner on a Thursday night(CBS) saying whatever he wants to the neighbors, shop keepers and the like. Its as if he can say whatever is on his mind and doesn't care who he offends. Honestly, I believe the book is better than the show. The show is based on Justin Halpern's Twitter feed "Shit My Dad Says" which was also turned into a best-selling book. If you like rude comedy this is the one for you.

Better with you You have some true TV veterans in this one. Although, I really loved Jennifer Fennigan and Josh Cooke in the NBC's short lived Committed. They were both a  bit crazy in different ways in the big old New York City. They do comedy well together. And again, you've got a Big City comedy, though its about three couples in different generations. Its not quite as fresh as I'd hoped it would have been, but I have found it endearing. Its great to see Debra Jo Rupp without a wig. Although, you won't get that silly laugh of hers in this one. She is really the stern one at times, in this show.

Out sourced It fits in perfectly with the NBC Thursday Night Line up. Ben Rappaport isn't quit Jim from the Office, but he's been transplanted in a country of different traditions he's trying to embrace. The cast is full of new faces. You'll either love this comedy, or you'll feel its too cliche. There are a few things I'm not fond of, especially, the business of stupid things Americans would want to consume. But there are some interesting character developments. I'll just have to keep watching.

Molly and Me I have loved all the supporting characters that (Molly) Melissa McCarthy has ever had to play up too, so I was so happy to see her as the star of the show. She's very likable, and truly we need more real women like her in comedy or anywhere on TV. She plays the teacher with a rather white trash family. Honestly, it would be brutal to grow up with a sister and a mother like that who, well, I won't go there. Her love interest is (Mike) Billy Gardell who is that big bear of a hug-gable cop. He looks like he came right out of King of Queens, and you know how much you can watch repeats of that. Really, its CBS good comedy.

Raising Hope As far as I'm concerned, this is the real winner for best new comedy. Its a hit from those people of My Name Is Earl. Martha Plimpton is the favorite of being the queen of every working mom, who had a son when she was a teenager, and her hubby who I've only seen play bad before in movies.. is just hilarious as the Dad (Garrett Dillahunt). And to finish it off with off the wall Cloris Leachman as the great-grandma. Truly Lucas Huff is precious in this story. Due to a very wild premise and very good writing, you have a story of a single father who has to raise baby Hope, after the serial killer mom was executed in prison. Each week, this show will make you laugh and sometimes, cry too. Honestly, the creator does have a way of touching the soul in a 20 minute or so scenerio, and that is serious comedy.


  1. The only one of these shows that I've is Raising Hope, so I guess I'm biased, but I still think that show definitely deserves it. :D