Tuesday, December 21, 2010

TV 127 : The People's Choice Favorite TV drama

Coming up on January 5th is the People's Choice awards. What TV shows are on the People's mind? Well, here's a gander. Warning: I apologize if I beat up your favorite show.

People's choice where to vote.

Gossip Girl -OK, if you love fashion, and some of you do, this is the one you'll want to win. Granted, not a lot of plot. Its the same old story, week after week. Some rather slight character development. Always hopeful. Naturally its Blair and Chuck that we love the most. This year started out with a blaze. Clemency Posey guest starred. Although, her wardrobe wasn't that spectacular. I guess Serena & Blair call dibs on the show. There were truly some bully moments between Blair and Chuck and Dan's little sis. Really, I don't think the writers were helping much when it came to a new media campaign on how to stop bullying. I'm sorry to say, I'm not really a fan of the show. I sit there watching for something amazing to happen. Only it never does.

Grey's Anatomy - This show is drama roma when it comes to adults who should know better. ABC gives it so much hype, but really, as ground breaking as it tries to be, I really feel the show has gone down hill after the first couple of seasons. I felt I had been sucked into a world that I really didn't want to know about. True, they use gimmicky catastrophes and put so many doctors in harms way. But St. Elsewhere and ER always did it better.

House - This is truly a winner even if it does not win. Outstanding writing, a wonderful cast and ever so wonderful character development.  Hugh Laurie is the mainstay of this drama.Yes, truly, the writers push the plot and story-lines to the limits. But you always want to come back for more. You can't wait to down load the shows or rush to Target when you know the past seasons are on sale. This is truly your set of DVDs you would not give up. It'll always have a place on your shelf for those days to cheer you up or just because you need this hospital drama fix.

The Good Wife - You know, I haven't even wanted to watch this show on CBS. Its in its second season. Honestly, I'm not sure she's as good this season as she was last season. I think she might be having a fling this season with a co-worker. With a title like this it makes me think of THE GOOD GIRL. And really, Jennifer Aniston's wasn't that good in it and neither was her character. I know, a complete different story. Just saying.

The Vampire Diaries - OK, this is a show I can definitely talk about. I'm a faithful viewer and it keeps getting better and better. Is it because of all that eye-candy? Is it because main character Damien the vampire has made Ian Somerhalder a better actor? Possibly. Really, this show has so many twists and turns. You can't wait for various characters to hook up, even when they don't, there is plenty of fan fic out there to read about them. You just never know what might happen on the show. And though, it might not be TRUE BLOOD. And I'm thankful it isn't. There really is a certain pride in this little town of history. We fall in love with the present and the past. Its a show that I'm pleased has surpassed TWILIGHT. Its the real deal in the tradition of DARK SHADOWS. There are characters you love to hate, and some you'd hate to be put to rest.


  1. HOUSE is a great show. & I do love Vampire Diaries.

  2. I so gotta have my Vampire Diaries fix!

  3. Very honest reviews! I'm not much of a tv watcher so my opinion is a bit biased. I've always enjoyed House, except I'm a big fan of romance and there's not much of it in that show. Gossip Girl is cheesy as cheesy can get, yet I still sometimes watch it. I have yet to watch vampire diaries and maybe should start since everyone keeps talking about it!