Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Music 117: Ingrid Michaelson

At 30, Ingrid Michaelson has made a home in many people's Ipods. Though her name isn't too big, you've probably heard of her because of shows like Scrubs, Bones, Grey's Anatomy, and One Tree Hill. Still doesn't ring a bell? Maybe the song The Way I Am does.

You have to admit it's pretty catchy right? Well Ingrid Michaelson has a whole collection of gracefully quirky songs. Some of her best include these: 

1) You and I

2) Far Away 

3) Breakable

Ingrid Michaelson does what a lot of people can't do, be herself. She doesn't have to go all out to get attention, the simplicity of her music is what attracts her fans. Not too mention she has a very funny Twitter. You can follow her at @ingridmusic.

So any thoughts on this artist? I'd love to hear your thoughts! Hopefully though I've showed you someone you like. If you have any requests, ask away!


  1. i love her :) she and her music are just so... oh, i don't even know how to put it. charming? either way, i definitely enjoy her music a lot.

  2. She's a very interesting song writer.

  3. yes! i really like her. i mostly learned about her from my sister. she is in love with her music. her & her boyfriend have "their songs" from her : )

  4. mmhm, i first heard her on that old navy commercial, i think it was. her music is so endearing.