Monday, February 13, 2012

Movies 176: It's almost Valentine's Day

Some may want to get to the romantic heart of the matter with THE VOW. True, it has some beautiful people involved, Rachel McAdams and Channing Tatum. But not to worry, this story is neither THE NOTEBOOK nor DEAR JOHN. Its based on a true-life experience tale. The story is told mostly from the husband's point of view, Leo. Its as if Leo has vanished from Paige's mind after the car accident. She can only remember friends from high school and thinks she's engaged to someone when she was back in law school.

WOMAN IN BLACK is quite romantic. Especially, if you are in to Victorian Times. Daniel Radcliffe shines in this latest version. Those Harry Potter days are over. The movie has plenty of suspense with this old ghost tale. Even creepy old toys! This is truly a movie for a friends night out. It really gives you a historical perspective of the times.

Now for those Anti-Valentines, there is CHRONICLE to watch. It has a very indie feel to it. Yet a remarkable premise that would be every high school boy's dream. What if you had super-powers? What if you'd been bullied all your life and you have super-powers? Dane DeHaan honestly steals the movie as Andrew. This is a movie that will keep you talking afterwards.

Of course, you could always stay in and have a date with Glee.



  1. Looks like some very fun movies!!

    Happy Valentines day!

  2. i think i've just stumbled into my kinda blogs.