Saturday, January 21, 2012

Visual 3: Kandinski - The Abstract Architect

Wassily Kandinski is credited as the painter who created the first purely-abstract works.
He began painting studies (life-drawing, sketching and anatomy) at the age of 30.
In 1896 Kandinsky settled in Munich, studying first at Anton A┼żbe's private school and then at the Academy of Fine Arts. He returned to Moscow in 1914, after the outbreak of World War I. Kandinsky was unsympathetic to the official theories on art in Moscow, and returned to Germany in 1921. There, he taught at the Bauhaus school of art and architecture from 1922 until the Nazis closed it in 1933. He then moved to France where he lived the rest of his life, becoming a French citizen in 1939. He died at Neuilly-sur-Seine in 1944.

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  1. I thought it was Kandinsky with a "y"? I trust you did your research, but I just feel as I've been living a lie now!

    Fun fact: Psychologist Bob (I don't remember his first name, too lazy to google) Tajfel used Klee and this fellow's paintings in an experiment to test in-group discrimination. Some were Kandinsky lovers and some were Klee lovers. Suffice to say the subject, teenage boys, just picked whatever. Both have very similar styles, in case I didn't make that clear.

    Thanks for posting this!