Monday, June 27, 2011

Movies 153A: CHATROOM (DVD)

Like a new Clockwork Orange of the Internet

Aaron Johnson gets the pleasure of showing just how wicked he can get in this intriguing film by Hideo Nakata based on Enda Walsh's play. Nakata takes us on a journey. The life of a chatroom. Its such a visual moment instead of words typed on the screen. We get to see the persona created and how one individual can charm others and undo who they think they are.

even his hair has its own mood, too.

Johnson plays William who's rather complicated. He's the one who seeked the chatroom as his domain. Of course, he has a mother who's a well established J.K Rowlings type who created her own world by using his older brother's name as her main character, Ripley. Unfortunately, William doesn't take this too well. He's already had quite an episode that has taken the family into 'treatment' for his fondness of suicidal tendencies. Naturally, they think he's getting better. William has friends. Only, they are Internet friends.

Nothing like a girl's touch for a chatroom!

We meet Imogene Poots' Iva who perhaps has met her match when she fancies William. She's a small town model and enjoys putting others down. There is also Hannah Murray's Emily who wants to please her family with good grades and be the best she can be..only she isn't very popular. There is also Daniel Kaluuya as Mo who has fantasies about his best friend's little sister. And of course, last but certainly not least...a very sad Jim played splendidly by Matthew Beard.

opening scene..William finding a chatroom.

What makes the film mezmerizing is the vividness of the chats and how they react in the dark and mysterious atmosphere of the Internet. It isn't until near the end they meet in reality at the zoo. But it might be just a little too late.

Honestly, Aaron Johnson shows his potential of so many emotions through this movie. Oh, he comes off so charming. He always knows the right thing to say. His perfect persuasion to get his kicks from the others. His character is quite a voyeur that leads to the psychological horror of his trap. He is on his game... as a psychopath... his family can no way handle.
desperate and seriously alone...Matthew Heard's Jim.

Also Matthew Heard's Jim is intense and such a worthy performance he gives in this movie.

I'm so happy this movie is available on DVD.

STORYLINE: A group of teenagers encourage each others' bad behavior.

Rated R. Mainly for psychological horror.

8/10. It's a keeper in many DVD personal collections.


  1. I have to look for Matthew Heard movies now. Aaron is great at being strange.

  2. So want to see this. Love Aaron!