Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Music 147: Mumford & Sons

Mumford & Sons are known today for being a band that makes banjo seem bad-ass, but in short you can call them folk-rock. Mumford & Sons was formed in October of 2007 and is made up of Marcus Mumford, Ben Lovett, "Country" Winston Marshall, and Ted Dwane. Their debut album Sigh No More was released in 2009. 

The band gained popularity throughout 2010 through their hit Little Lion Man, but soon gained recognition through some of their other songs off their album Sigh No More. They are also known for being heavily influenced by playwright William Shakespeare and author John Steinbeck. 

1) Little Lion Man (WARNING: song contains language)

2) The Cave

3) Winter Winds

So what do you think?

You can buy Mumford & Sons' latest album Sigh No More here.


  1. I'm definitely a Mumford & Sons fan! I had never heard anything quite like their music before, but immediately fell in love.

  2. They are quite interesting. I like them with Johnny Flynn.

  3. definitely one of my favorite bands!! love them. i actually know about them before they became "known" & then one day i heard them in a store i was shopping at. and then that was that - everyone knew them! haha. tv shows too!