Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Music 137: Florence + The Machine

So you might know singer Florence Welch from her cover performance of 'If I Rise' from 127 Hours at the 83rd Annual Academy Awards this weekend...or you might know this singer from her song 'Dog Days Are Over' which was the theme for the 2010 film Eat Pray Love. It's funny when you think of it, her two most popular appearances were songs for movies James Franco is in.

Florence Welch was born August 28th, 1986 in London to Nick and Evelyn Welch. As a child, Welch was often getting in trouble for impromptu singing at school. Welch studied at Camberwell College of Arts. She later dropped out to work on her music career. Who would've guessed she would be where she is now?

Now, Florence Welch and her band Florence and the Machine (consisting also of: Robert Ackroyd, Christopher Lloyd Hayden , Isabella Summers, Tom Monger, and Mark Saunders) are making their rounds in the music business with their popular album: Lungs. This year they will be releasing another album (the title of it to be announced later on).

Welch doesn't have the bright and sunny life that her songs suggest though. Welch has been diagnosed with dyslexia and dysmetria and may also suffer from insomnia. In some of her songs, Welch has an interesting side of her shown. It turns out Welch has a fascination with terror and doom which was intensified by the death of her grandparents. When Welch was 10 she witnessed her grandfather's deterioration; when Welch was 14 her maternal grandmother committed suicide. At 13 years old she and her mother moved in with their next door neighbour and his three teenage children. Welch says of her old housemates: "We get on brilliantly now, but it was a nightmare then. I just used to stay in my room and dance around.

There is no question that Florence Welch has gone through a lot, she just channels it with her music. Here are a few a songs that showcase her talent:

1) Cosmic Love (this is such an interesting song that will make you fall head over heels in love with this band.)

2) Kiss with a Fist (just a fun and catchy song that will be sure to get you pumped up.)

3) Rabbit Heart (Raise It Up) (my current obsession, the chorus is pure gold.)

I was going to show you guys Dog Days Are Over but all of you should already know that song. So what do you think?


  1. Though I do love Florence + the Machine, I'm slightly ashamed to admit that I had not before heard Cosmic Love or Rabbit Heart! But that's why Mix Tape is so great. :D

  2. She is one of my favorites. Its great she's been on all these awards shows lately. Great post!

  3. i have loved her for a while now & am so happy she is getting noticed now! LOVE her music. i seriously listen to it for many different occasions & when i feel many different ways. she goes well with anything!

  4. Such a cool post on this artist.

  5. love rabbit heart. x

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