Saturday, May 7, 2011

Movies 146 Part Two: Something Borrowed

Director: Luke Greenfield
Starring: Ginnifer Goodwin, Kate Hudson, Colin Egglesfield, and John Krasinski.
Run Time: 100 minutes
Rated: PG-13
Plot: Polar opposites Rachel (Goodwin) and Darcy (Hudson) have been best friends since the start of time. So when Darcy is engaged to Rachel's law school crush things start to turn for the worse. Friendships are tested as secrets come to surface in this romantic comedy.

So far 2011 has been filled with mediocre films full of 2010 rejects and leftovers from the studios but with summer blockbusters coming up the movies have been getting bigger and better. Something Borrowed is one of those lead up films for the bigger ones to come. It is a film you have to walk into with an open mind, leaving all judgment at the door, because sometimes you just have to let yourself relax and this is the movie to do it in. Of course the highlight of Something Borrowed was John Krasinski as Ethan, the witty friend of Rachel. The rest of the actors were nothing special to watch though Kate Hudson was fun as the callous best friend Darcy. 

The worst part about Something Borrowed had to be the character and plot development. You are left with a feeling of unfinished ideas and no sympathy for majority of the characters. Rachel (Goodwin) just doesn't pull off the lead as well as she could have while Dex (Egglesfield) comes off as more of a bad guy than the sweet love interest. There are some comedic breaks with some smaller characters such as a creepy stalker friend and a guy who just doesn't use his brain as often as he should. The sad part is that the supporting cast is what is the most fun to watch, and when you are not watching them you are wanting to. 

Back to Krasinski, who is the sole reason to see Something Borrowed. His character Ethan has the whole theater laughing throughout the film with his quick and canny lines. Like always, John Krasinski is the scene stealer and if you like him as Jim in The Office, then you will love him in Something Borrowed

Overall, this was a pleasant film to watch even with its flaws. It might sound silly but it really is something special, a diamond in the rough that will be appreciated later on. As for a weekend movie, it is the perfect choice; even for future dvd rental. 

Movie when John Krasinski is onscreen: 8/10
Movie without John Krasinski onscreen: 6/10

You can watch the trailer for Something Borrowed here.


  1. John..would be the only reason I'd want to see this movie. I wasn't that fond of Goodwin in the last film I saw of hers. Where is part 1?

  2. It seems like a good movie, I think I want to see it now :)

  3. Yeah, I love Jim from the Office. I hear that other guy is compared to Tom Cruise..but I dunno..about that.

  4. I love Ginnifer Goodwin! I think she did great, although they did downplay her beauty a lot because of *cough cough* Kate. Anyway, I feel like Kate Hudson needs to explore different roles, rather than always playing the bitchy best friend/bitchy person in general. I totally agree with you about Dex; throughout the movie I didn't like him at all. At the end, (SPOILER ALERT) when they were together, it was a total WTF moment for me, hahah:) He is just such a weak person. He canceled the wedding pretty much THE day of the wedding? Cowardly! Also, I didn't understand why Ethan professed his love to her if literally nothing came of it. You don't see him again the entire movie! She's just like "aww" and then leaves to go be with the horrible coward.
    This is one of those I-like-the-entire-movie-but-the-ending kind of things. Because really, the ending sucked. Darcy was like "you've been jealous of me ever since notre dame" and inside your like BITCH! YOU NEVER WENT THERE! But the lead character (what's her name again?) oh yeah, Rachel, just stood them and smiled. I wanted her to confront Darcy, haha:)
    Anyway, I'll be less disappointed if there really is a sequel. Is my comment long enough ? Hahaha!